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Improving Water Quality: Guided Tour of South OC Best Practices to Reduce Bacteria

south oc bacteria story map

The OC Stormwater Program has developed an ArcGIS Story Map that acts as a guided tour of Best Management Practice (BMP) implementation throughout the South Orange County Watershed Management Area (SOC WMA). These BMPs (a BMP can refer to a structural or non-structural strategy) have resulted in significant water quality improvement by reducing bacteria loads in inland streams and coastal waters.


Soar through the map, stop by some of the highlighted BMPs and explore relevant information, photos, and links. Water quality improvement has been a collective effort between the municipalities of south Orange County, water/wastewater agencies, transportation agencies, and watershed/water quality stakeholders; this tour provides a glimpse of some of the projects, facilities, strategies, special studies, and jurisdictional programs that have contributed to this significant progress. Additional information on these and other efforts to improve water quality in south Orange County can be found on the following website: