Model WQMP/Technical Guidance Document Training Modules

In order to provide land developers, project proponents, and associated consultants and organizations with an overview of the new land development requirements in Orange County, the following training resource has been developed to orient readers to the contents of both the updated Model WQMP and the Technical Guidance Document. 

The training modules provide an overview of the level of detail that must be included at each phase of the WQMP preparation process, site and watershed assessment methods, LID BMP selection and prioritization methods, LID BMP design standards and performance criteria, regional LID BMP options, watershed-based plans and LID alternative compliance options.

North Orange County Training Modules (developed in 2011) 

(note these modules cover topics that are also generally applicable in South Orange County but do not reflect all current South Orange County permit requirements) 

Please click on the training module that you're interested in. A PDF file will open up in a separate window. 

North Orange County Training Modules


South Orange County Training (developed in October 2017) 

This training was presented at a public workshop on October 11, 2017, and is specific to the requirements for South Orange County. Click here to download the pdf file.

South Orange County Training